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7 Butt Plugs That Will Up Your Role Playing Game

7 Butt Plugs That Will Up Your Role Playing Game

Whether you’re trying something new or routinely roleplaying with butt plugs, we bet we can give you some new ideas you can take back to your partner(s). Even if you’re not already familiar with anal play, don’t worry! There are some great options for people of all backgrounds (and backsides), so you should be able to find just the right plug for you.

Let’s ease into it with princess butt plugs, before we go all in.

1. Princess Butt Plugs

Some of us might like to use butt plugs during role-play as a power play between partners. Others enjoy having butt plug role-play be a loving moment in a relationship. Wherever you and your partner land on this spectrum, there’s a princess butt plug for you. They come in all sorts of colors, textures, materials, and shapes. However, it’s the jewels on the stem of the plug that makes this toy the perfect accessory. You can even pick out any shape, color and size for your jewel – although heart shaped jewels are the most popular. With a butt plug like this one, you can play a princess scenario, and let your partner coddle you. Another suggestion we’d make is to reverse the power play and have the person with the plug have the power – they are royalty, after all.

2. Dog Tail Butt Plugs

If you’re into something a little racier, you can go for one of the many animal butt plugs. A dog tail butt plug is usually made of silicone – with a stiff and slightly curved outer part that allows the user to mimic tail wagging. This one will obviously be great if you’re roleplaying with your master. Once again, it comes in many different sizes and a couple of varieties, so you will be able to find the perfect tail for you. Just remember to never use silicone lubes on silicone toys, opt for a water-based lube instead. We’re sure that with this one, you’d find that teaching an old dog new tricks isn’t as hard as you thought. Something else might be hard, though… On to the next!

3. Fox or Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

Another classic! Faux fur or real fur tails come in a bunch of natural and unnatural colors. You can either keep it low-key (as low-key as you can get sporting a fox tail) in white, grayish and orange colors. Or go nuts, with all colors of the rainbow, including an actual rainbow-colored tail. If you’re out and proud, bring a little rainbow to the bedroom with that one! Otherwise, take your pick of the fluffiest most luxurious tails and take a walk on the wild side.

4. Kitten Tail Butt Plugs

These are pretty similar to fox tails, so there isn’t much new to say. However, your game will obviously be different based on which animal you are during role-playing. In any case, you’ll probably have a move mischievously sexy vibe going on with the fox, while the kitten will get you in a more playful mood. It too is available in lots of sizes, textures, and colors. You can even go for a wacky color, like hot pink, or channel your wild side with a cheetah print.

5. Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

This one will get you feeling cute as a button! If you’re roleplaying with butt plugs and you’re not quite extra enough to have a whole thing hanging out back there, you’re in luck. This is the perfect option for you to channel your inner Lola the Bunny. Again, these plugs are available in a bunch of different materials, sizes, and colors, so you’ll definitely easily find the one for you!

6. Horse Butt Plugs

Now, if you’re really into having a long ponytail, go for the horse butt plug. If you like the sleek look, this will bring your roleplaying with butt plugs to whole new heights. The actual plug part comes in a variety of materials, so adjust your cleaning and lube practice accordingly. And the tail can be made of real horse hair or synthetic hair. You can channel an obedient mare, a stud or a horse that needs to be broken in. Either way, this one guarantees a fun experience!

7. Extra-Large Butt Plugs

Finally, extra-large plugs are only for the most experienced butt plug users among us. You can find these plugs made out of glass, metal, silicone and many more, whatever suits you best. And they even come in several extra large sizes – L, XL and XXL so you can take your pick.

The best thing is, you don’t actually have to choose! Just get whichever ones spoke to you and your partner(s) and enjoy!

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